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My Story


The journey that led me to Edible Earth is one of self-discovery and a bit of adversity along the way.  In a former life I was a happy licensed Veterinary Technician doling out medical and health advice to patients and owners alike.  I was content but never felt like I quite reached my ideal career.  One day I began to suffer stomach pain.  Many months, a dozen doctors visits to "specialists", and having lost over 25% of my body weight I had a diagnosis of gastroparesis (delayed emptying of the stomach characterized by pain, nausea, and a bleak prognosis).  I could barely make it through a day without crippling stomach pain and a handful of peanuts left me full for days. Modern medicine offered few cures and even fewer answers.  In a desperate attempt to maintain weight I was drinking sugar-laden protein shakes and contemplating radical surgeries.  One day my husband (then boyfriend) said, "If you are going to eat almost nothing, it might as well be healthy foods that offer some nutrition."  It was on that day that I turned my life around.  I approached my health not by how many pills I could take but by how I could empower my body to achieve its potential.  I'm happy to say that nutrition and holistic healing "cured" what medicine said couldn't be helped.  Partnered with my husband in the kitchen, the concepts of Edible Earth grew from a seed of desperation into a Garden of Eden.


Edible Earth is a whole body approach, with nutrition at the forefront, to achieving health and prosperity. No matter your starting point or back story we seek to form an achievable plan of self improvement. You can't fill a race car with waste gas and expect to win, same as you can't fuel your body with empty calories and expect to achieve maximum health. Don't worry, we aren't asking you to never eat a slice of pizza again! Instead we will seek to educate you on not only healthy choices, but ones that anyone can achieve regardless of where you live or how much money you make. Your health, nutrition, and life goals are unique to you and we hope to be there every step of the way. Our success is a happy, healthy, and fruitful life for our clients.  Hard to find a more rewarding job than that!  So what are you waiting for? The next step of your journey begins with your next meal, so who's hungry?


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