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What is Nutritional Therapy?

Let's start by revisiting the race car analogy.  Any form of fuel will power that car across the finish line, but only the best fuel will allow it to win the race.  If you haven't guessed yet, YOU are the race car!  You may have even heard the saying "Your body is a temple."  My goal, and that of nutritional therapy as a whole is to fill that temple with wholesome, nutritious, and most importantly delicious foods.  That is the foundation of our optimal health.  Just as a strong foundation supports the temple, a weak foundation can set us up for disaster.  An overwhelming majority of people fill their days and stomachs with empty calories.  You can't open a magazine, turn on the TV, or walk down a grocery aisle without being bombarded with ads for soda, candy, and processed ready to go into the microwave dinners.  When was the last time an ad for tomatoes and spinach ran during the Superbowl?  All of those empty calories make us feel great for an hour but leave us feeling sluggish and craving the same salts and sugars hours later.  Every day our bodies ride a roller coaster of hormones and sugar that negatively impact our sleep quality, appearance, mood, and regulation of important metabolic functions.  Couple this with our hectic lives and the stress we deal with on a day to day basis and what you're left with is a tired, cranky, unhappy version of ourselves.  Despite this, our bodies are amazingly resilient and always put up a good fight in our name.  It's my job, and privilege, to help you listen to your body and fuel your winning race.



What tools are used to design my individualized nutrition plan?


Food and Mood Journal

Individual Health History

Your Specific Goals

Signs and Symptoms Analysis

Nutritional Assessment Questionaire

Functional Analysis


The process of Nutritional Therapy will allow me to get to know you and what your body is craving to achieve peak health and stay there.   Through conversation and a hands-on Functional Analysis, I'll be able to identify deficiencies and create a custom-tailored plan for you.  I will also be here to adapt that plan as your life changes and lift you up if you stumble along the way.  As opposed to fad diets, this will be a life-long journey.  Patience and perseverance will help us to make new healthy habits and break old unhealthy ones.  So, let me help you find the path to your best self! Check out my services and the FREE information I have available to help you get started. I hope to hear from you soon and I look forward to propelling you into optimum health! Eat well and embrace the bounty of an Edible Earth.

What I

Nutritional therapy is a holistic, evidence-based, comprehensive and personalized approach to health and healing centered around a whole foods diet.


Everyone understands basic nutrition and nutritional counseling. At this point who hasn't seen the food pyramid on their cereal in the morning and been told to eat 1400-2200 calories daily? Unfortunately, they missed the target by a mile (something I hope to convince you of as we work together).  Nutritional Therapy is so much more than that basic and flawed concept. Nutritional Therapy is an evidence-based, holistic, nutritional approach to maximizing a person's health and well being through food and lifestyle recommendations. As opposed to a one size fits all approach, your journey to newfound health will be based on your individual biochemical makeup, health needs and goals. Simply put, I'm going to help YOU maximize YOU with every bite. No fad diets, no starvation, just a colorful plate of food that you may one day grow in your own backyard.  I will custom tailor a food plan for you to help you manage or overcome health issues that modern medicine only wants to "treat" with medications or radical surgeries. Once we fill your body with the right building blocks, we will watch and see their impact on some of the other health issues that may be plaguing you, and some you didn't even realize you had.

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