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Making the most out of your veggies

Updated: Apr 28, 2019

Create Vegetables are a great way to up the vitamins, minerals and fiber in your diet. Here's some ways to mix it up and have interesting additions to any meal

Many people eat the same boring boiled vegetables from a can with dinner every night. Looking to try something different? Here's a few ideas to spice up the veggies in your life.

Choosing a variety of different vegetables is a great place to start. Always buy green beans? Try fresh asparagus instead.

Choose new Vegetables

Try a new veggie each week from the fresh produce section. There's a million recipes for each vegetable, so finding one that fits your taste buds should be easy. Be bold and try new veggies you've never had before. Give asparagus a try if you haven't had it since you were a kid. Cook those brussell sprouts at home with your next pot roast. Giving your taste buds a wake up with new foods will expand your palate and open up opportunities for new recipes in the future.

Cooking methods

Instead of always buying your vegetables in a can and heating them up in a pot of water on the stove, try some different preparation and cooking methods to keep things interesting and expand your palate as well. Consider roasting your vegetables in the oven, with some olive oil and seasonings. Try steaming them for a softer option (and keep the nutrient value higher!) Take time to chop them and add on top of your salad. Give your stove a break and cook them on your outside grill. The options are numerous, and each one will give you an unique flavor and texture that you might just fall in love with.

Try all the seasonings!

Vegetables don't have to be bland and boring. You can go as simple as garlic powder, or as fancy as a combo of 10 spices you heard about on your favorite cooking show. Give your palate a new take on your old favorite veggie, and up the fun of eating healthy. Just be cautious of pre-made seasoning mixes and check the sodium content. Some have a huge amount of salt that we don't need in our healthy diets. Give yourself options and buy a few different spice combinations to see which best fits on which veggies.

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